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Leilani Münter Interview - A Race Car Drivers' journey to being an Environmentalist, a Tesla Advocate and a Film Maker

Leilani is a former race car driver, an environmental activist and she’s a Tesla Model S and 3 owner who charges her cars with the solar panels on her home. She’s been named the #1 eco-athlete in the world by Discovery’s Planet Green, one of the top ten female race car drivers in the world by Sports Illustrated and was given the Genius Award by ELLE Magazine. She’s an advocate for renewable energy, electric cars, veganism and animal rights. Leilani worked with the Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS) on a documentary called Racing Extinction where she drives a very special Tesla Model S. The film is very powerful and brings to light animal extinction in a way that’s very relatable to all of us.  At the Summit, Leilani was part of a Tesla Community Panel alongside Bonnie Norman and Ryan McCaffrey. She was also the keynote speaker on the last day and spoke to the clubs about wildlife preservation, and what our responsibilities are going forward. #StartWith1Thing. She was also kind enough to make some time during the event to sit down with me and answer a few questions about her Tesla and her work as an activist. I’ve been following Leilani for some time and idolize her in many ways. Spending time with her in LA was a personal highlight. 

The effects of Climate Change and how you can use your voting voice this Federal Election!

Here is a summary of the climate change presentation followed by some notes and tools to help you make the best choice in the upcoming Federal election. This is the first time that the climate crisis is a major topic of concern for many Canadians. Especially during this federal election. A strong climate policy must have a plan to transition our jobs and economy from fossil fuels to renewable energy. A constructive way to accomplish this goal is by implementing a carbon pricing policy. Three out of the four parties (Green, NDP, and Liberal) have recognized the importance of a carbon pricing as a mandatory part of an effective action plan. YOU can make a difference. YOUR vote matters. 

A Referral Program That Works!

Here’s how the Tesla referral program works. When you purchase a Tesla, you receive a referral code. Everyone does. You can then extend your referral code to others to encourage them to purchase a Tesla as well. As the owner of the referral code, there are certain benefits to you when someone else uses your code to purchase their vehicle. The programs have time periods and change every so often. Dave used my referral code, and that gave us both 1,500 kms of free Supercharging. Meaning: Tesla Supercharging is the charging network (stations) that Tesla offers its owners on the road.

How a New Condo Developer is Getting Ready for More EVs on the Road

Despite my best efforts, I still don't have access to a charger in my condo building. I've owned my electric car for over a year and I’ve never been in a situation where I did not have access to a charger, but it would be more convenient to have access to a charger in my condo. That's exactly what S2 Stonebrook Condos  is doing. For their second development on Lakeshore, they will equip every parking space with the set up needed to install a charger. This provision would allow so much flexibility for the new owners. Each parking unit will be wired and ready for a level 2 charger to be installed and metered to the owners unit at any time. The way S2 Condos is pre-wiring all their units for chargers is an example that other developers should follow. This type of foresight in our city development is crucial to a booming EV future.