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The Jaguar I-PACE at first glance compared to the Tesla Model 3

The Jaguar I-PACE at first glance compared to the Tesla Model 3

I finally had the chance to test drive the much anticipated I-PACE. This is Jaguar’s first all-electric vehicle, and it does not disappoint. 

I should mention that I’m a Tesla Model 3 owner and fan-girl. I’ve also driven the Volt, the Bolt and I’ve sat in the Nissan Leaf, none of which have compared to the Tesla. I was really eager to see the I-Pace because I wanted to know if other manufacturers could produce an electric vehicle comparable to the Tesla. 

In anticipation of the I-PACE, I did recently spend some time with the Jaguar E-PACE. Since I had not experienced Jaguar before, I wanted to have a feel for the level of luxury that should be expected in their new EV. 

I’m comparing the I-PACE to the Tesla Model 3 as it’s Jaguar’s entry-level EV.

Although Jaguar may be trying to appeal to a certain demographic by marketing the car as a “sports” vehicle, I don’t think it compares to the Tesla Model X, other than their price tags perhaps. The I-PACE is a crossover and I think Jaguar should embrace this category as they are the only ones offering an EV in this group.


At first glance (and from behind), the I-PACE can be mistaken for the E-PACE. The one I drove was metallic black which hides the lines and the definition on the body of the car. 

It has a coup-like body, a wide rear-end (ya baby), signature Jaguar grill with an air flowing hood and LED headlights. 


The I-PACE has flush door handles that appear when pressed. 

The Model 3 door handles stay flush when opening and closing. 

The standard 18” 15 spoke wheels on the Jaguar are quite similar to the standard wheels underneath the aeros on the Model 3. 

The I-PACE in the picture has upgraded wheels which look way better and add to the overall look of the car. 

The Model 3  18” Aero wheels may not be the coolest but they do serve their purpose well by increasing range up to 10%.

You can also upgrade to the Model 3 sports wheels which are way more sexy (and I need them desperately on my car).

Other than the EV400 badging on the rear, there is no other way to know the I-PACE is a fully electric car. It looks like it’s part of its Jaguar Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) family and some people may like driving an emission-free car incognito. The Model 3, on the other hand, looks so different from the front with that bumper and those lights that it will stand out amongst a herd of ICE cars.

Chart 1.jpg


It's classy and definitely on the minimalist side. The one I sat in had the light Oyster leather seats, with the aluminum and "Gloss Charcoal Ash First Edition veneer" details.  It's all very bright and gives the cabin an open and sleek look.  The veneer is similar to the Model 3s piano finish which I don't understand in a car. It only looks clean for 10 seconds, and it's not practical. I have a mat film lining the center console in my Model 3 to protect from dirt, scratch, and fingerprints. 

 I-PACE - The interior quality is true to Jaguar and their premium price tag. The finishes are substantial throughout the cabin – Leather steering wheel, aluminum details, and shiny buttons. The metal accents do give the cabin a colder, rigid feel, but very chic none the less.

Model 3- Minimalistic and functional.  The pore wood finish stands out to create a warm and calm setting inside the spacious cabin. The closed compartments in the console hide the usual clutter with style (even if you don’t have any). Something about the lines and textures in this car that makes anyone who sits in it feel immediately zen – just saying. 

Unlike Teslas’ central 15” touchscreen, the I-PACE is designed with two screens (or three if you count the Driver Display in the dash). 

In the center, sits a 10" screen that manages the infotainment system and underneath that is a 5" floating screen that controls other settings with additional buttons and dials on the sides – for the folks that like the buttons

Ventilation on the I-PACE is the same as every other car out there – Doesn’t need to be described. 

Ventilation on the Model 3 is like nothing else you’ve ever seen - One smooth line all across the windshield. It’s beautiful. 

 The I-PACE has the optional Heads-up display that Tesla does not have. (I would like this on the Model 3) 

Both vehicles have Apple and Android compatibility and WIFI. But unlike Tesla’s Slacker system (which is AMAZING), the I-PACE only has Spotify access it seems. 

 Both vehicles have over the air software updates. 

Both vehicles have the fixed panoramic roof. The one in the I-PACE is slightly nicer as it doesn't have the divide in the middle from the interior. It's just one large glass rooftop.


The first thing I noticed on the drive, was how much heavier the I-PACE felt. In the Jaguar you can feel the weight of the steering just like in an ICE car and for some people that may mean more control. 

I drove it in Dynamic mode in the designated course, and it felt very grounded. The Model 3 feels more agile and zippy to me. Some “car” people say they like to feel the car when they are driving, and for those people, the I-PACE may feel like they’re more in control. 

I-PACE – Level 2 autonomous driving - Cruise control

Model 3 – Level 3 autonomous driving - Autopilot

Performance chart.jpg


-    Similar to the Model 3, the I-PACE has modes to manage the regenerative braking from Enhanced to High. 

 -    The I-PACE had ports in the back of the driver and front passenger headrests for their “Click and Go” accessories such as a removable tablet holder, or coat hanger. 

-    Comes with Key fobs – Tesla does not have key-fobs (yet) but does have the sleek valet card.

-    I-PACE has personalized treadplate option – Model 3 has “name your car” on the screen. 



I-PACE: Home: Equipped with a 7kW single phase charger and cable for Jaguar approved 3rd party charger (35km range per hour)

Public Charging: Equipped to accept 100kw DC charging at public chargers. – adaptor not supplied. 

Model 3: Home: Install Tesla home charger – 71 km (44 miles) range per hour (240 V outlet, 48 A)

Tesla Supercharging: 270 km (170 miles) range available after 30 minutes

Public charging: capability with equipped adapter (J1772)

Tesla Supercharging network - GENIUS – CONVENIENT – GAME CHANGER - This network alone separates Tesla from the rest.

battery chart.jpg

My brother made a good analogy comparing the two cars. The Model 3 is like Apple where minimalistic rules govern the design and settings. The I-PACE is the Android option where there are more settings and buttons to shuffle through and personalize. 

Overall the I-PACE compares nicely with the Model 3. It’s providing an option to the people who do want to go electric but need the comfort of a long-standing brand. I do believe that Jaguar (owned by Tata company) has the right intentions with this vehicle. They understand the shift in the market, and they have stepped up to the challenge. With their plans for Formula-e and eTrophy as an all-electric racing line up, I do believe they are making the necessary changes to stay alive in the long run. Unlike some of the other manufacturers who have just been watching and sending out press releases about their plans for EVs, I think Jaguar is actually serious about pushing the I-PACE forward.

Tesla may have initiated the change to sustainable energy, but Jaguar is following suit, and I like that. When it comes to EVs, it’s not about competition, but about giving options so that everyone can soon own one.

Tesla offers the most value, in my opinion, when it comes to design, performance, Supercharging network and just how fun the car is overall.

The is full of great information and easy to browse through. The Tesla website does need to be updated with all the Model 3 specs (LR, AWD, PERFORMANCE). The Model 3 is now available to order and take delivery starting at $45,600CAD. The I-PACE is ready to order starting at $86,500CAD, delivery TBD.

If you are considering to purchase a Tesla, use my referral code to receive extra incentives depending on the model you are choosing to own. I receive no benefits from sharing my code other than the pleasure of seeing more Teslas on the road.


Thanks for reading. Leave a comment, and let me know what you think of the Jaguar I-PACE and Tesla Model 3.

Jaguar E-PACE - Published in the Fall 2018 issue of Dress to Kill Magazine - Uncut version

Jaguar E-PACE - Published in the Fall 2018 issue of Dress to Kill Magazine - Uncut version

Don't give up on your Dreams, Keep Sleeping!

Don't give up on your Dreams, Keep Sleeping!