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Visualization + Feeling x 1000 = Magic

Visualization + Feeling x 1000 = Magic

WARNING: If you believe that life happens at random and that you have no control of the events or situations in your life, then I strongly suggest you skip over this piece and move on. 
BUT, if you know deep inside yourself that you are responsible for everything that happens in your life and whether that's good or bad, that's what gives purpose to your life - then keep reading.  

    It's that time of year again when we take inventory of ourselves and create new goals and New Year's resolutions. Unfortunately, the moment life “unexpectedly” happens, we tend to forget our resolutions. Yes, you may believe in accepting and experiencing every moment as its unfolding, and dealing with it however pleasant or unpleasant it may be. But perhaps you can also believe in coinciding with the universe and aligning yourself with the moments that you want to unfold. 
    This new year, why not try something different and live the life you want to live by creating your own moments. If time is but a collection of moments then why not make the moments count and live them as our hearts truly desire. Why not visualize life as the moments we want to live.

Let me explain how. 
    Visualization is a powerful method for increasing the frequency of a thought and realizing it into its material and tangible form. Visualizing yourself doing the things you want in your life, create the feelings inside of you which then intensify the vibrations of that thought and thus making you a co-creator with the universe. Not just once, but over and over again. If you really have that burning desire to achieve that goal - then you must visualize yourself doing it and feel yourself already there. 
    One way to re-enforce the effects of visualization is by creating a vision board. A vision board goes beyond a collection of the things that you want, but rather it's a way to help you see and feel the experiences you want before they happen. 

Let me give you an example;
     I want to live by the beach. That is where I see myself writing every day. So today, I see myself living (present moment) by the beach. I have a picture of the beach on my vision board. It's a picture of the beach from the view of my beach house window. When I look at this picture, I feel myself there, looking out from my desk where I would sit and do all my writing. I can feel the breeze coming in through the open window, and I can smell the salt water, and I can hear the waves from a distance. I can actually see myself there at my desk, paper and pen in hand ready to start writing, closing my eyes, taking a deep breath before I pour myself on that paper. 
    That's a vision board. To help you collect the feelings and "views" you want to lay ahead of you. "Power of the mind is not a joke"; Drake. 

Start your own board.
Use the board as an exercise to ask yourself what you truly desire to make you happy. Its different for everyone, and don't be scared to get as detailed as you feel. Here are some examples of images to get you started on your board;

  • Images of places - Cities, streets, beaches, or someone's house you're aching to revisit (a friend/family or lover) 
  • Shoes - Maybe it's hiking boots so you can picture yourself on your trip, or dancing shoes, gym shoes or heels to close deals in
  • Books - To push you to read that book you've put aside all year
  • Thelma and Louise - Craving a girls trip?
  • People hugging and kissing - Could be pictures of you hugging and kissing people you really like and you want more of that. Or it can be pictures out of magazines to help you picture yourself in those moments
  • Couple having sex - Maybe you want more sex in your life or better sex with your existing partner
  • A picture of someone meditating - To remind you to make more time to sit in silence
  • Couples in love  - "What you seek is seeking you"; Rumi
  • Children having fun - Perhaps you want to adopt, or you're trying to get pregnant
  • Pictures of healthy people being active - Active is the key word here
  • Wealth and nice things - Yes it's ok to like money and nice things. Work hard play hard - or no reason at all. Just treating yourself or someone else to something nice

The focus. 
This year, I want to focus on writing, so most of the images I post on my board are related to writing. 

  • Pictures of my favorite magazines I want to write for
  • Pictures of the cars I want to write about  
  • Quotes to help me be open and invite imagination to my house so that we can write together
  • Pictures of my favorite authors so I can not only write like them but also ask them for insight when I'm struggling - Anne Lamott / J.K. Rowling
  • Pictures of my favorite characters - James Bond/ Elizabeth Bennett/ Tyler Durden/The Mad Hatter - I might need their help when I'm developing my own characters. 

For you, it can be focusing on your love life, or your career or traveling or whatever it is that will make you happy.  

Then go even further.
Pictures of your favorite Heroes, Gods, and archetypes as Deepak Chopra calls them. In his book; The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, Chopra says that the archetypes that we are drawn to are actually seeds within us and that we can seek their qualities to motivate and inspire us. A couple of his examples are Marilyn Monroe coming back as Aphrodite, the Goddess of sex and beauty or Princess Diana as Artemus, the wild one, the non-conformist, the rule breaker and fearless warrior. 
So on my board, it's Lewis Carroll, Audrey Hepburn, and George Lucas images or quotes to remind me to ask them to "please come and reflect yourself through me." 

How to collect images. 
Your phone..... you have one right? I take pictures of things I like, I save things from Instagram or Pinterest, and then I print them with my Fuji instant printer. I also have magazine clippings, postcards, DVD covers, book sleeves and whatever else I can pin on my board - That's the fun part... an ongoing collage of all my desires - all on one board. 

A journey vs. a plan. 
I see the beach house, but that doesn't mean I have every step of the way figured out. I know my writing will take me there. Don't ask me how it will get me there though. I trust in the journey and know that if I do my part and continue writing, then I am co-creating my journey to my beach house.  

- My brothers face - I want to be closer to him and see him more often. He lives in Vancouver with his beautiful bride to be, and I'm in Toronto. I don't know how that's going to happen, but I can ask for it, and put it out there in the Universe. If I look at his picture and think about being close to him, and feel him near me, then I'm conspiring with the universe to make it happen. You may think I'm bonkers, "But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” - Lewis Carroll 

Not wishing and hoping. 
Just so we're clear, you can't just wish it, stick a picture on your board, and sit back and wait. NO! 
If the desire is strong within you, then the board is only a daily visual reminder of the feelings you want to project out and the actions you can take every day to bring you closer to that desire. -  working towards that desire slowly but surely. 

Live the life you want to live. 
There is also intent and action on a vision board. When you look at your board daily, you can stay focused on the big picture. By visualizing your dreams, you can feel them as if they are happening right now. 

"Always remember, your focus determines your reality." - George Lucas  

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