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V for Volt!

V for Volt!

I often find myself in a conversation about cars and most often than not, when I reveal that my future vehicle of choice is a Tesla Model 3, one of the first things anyone asks is; "aren't you scared you'll get stuck somewhere with no battery?". And my answer is; "No I'm not scared."

There is so much content out there about electric vehicles, yet the general public is still so weary and hesitant to even consider an EV as a qualifying vehicle option. Why is that? 

So before I rant about being creatures of habits and fitting into a "normal" standard of living or overpowering oil companies, let me tell you about the Chevrolet Volt. I was curious to experience the electric vehicle for myself for longer than just a test drive. My friend John M. at Bennett GM in Cambridge Ontario (who likes to joke about my Tesla obsession) was kind enough to lend me one overnight so that I could get a better feel. The Volt has a lithium-ion battery as well as a gas engine. The electric range offers 85km of clean driving while the 1.5L, four-cylinder acts as the "range extender" to allow the 500km or so of regular driving. 

I think this is a short electric range and would have loved more stamina from my ex-boyfriend but also from this Volt battery.

However for the people who want to make the change to electric and need that comfort of the gas engine, then the Volt is a perfect fit.  It's a regular Chevrolet with all the tech features you would expect in a new 2018 model except it has a battery too. I must say that this five-door hatchback does look better than the classic Cruze or Malibu.  

Fortunately for GM, there isn't a lot of competition in the mid-priced electric models right now. Having experienced the existing Tesla models, and from what I hear of the Model 3, I don't think the Volt compares in the same class (sorry John M.). I should say that I haven't experienced GMs' fully electric vehicle; the Bolt yet, as inventory availability is limited. 

Here are a few reasons why you don't need to be afraid of an EV and This Chevrolet Volt;

- Vehicle design - The Volt is designed to use the battery range first and then switch over to the gas engine once that's done. So unless you are out of gas, you will never be stranded. 
- Dash Display - Very easy to read gage on both the battery life and gas range used and what is remaining. 
- Navigation System - To promptly show you where the nearest locations to charge your vehicle or gas up. 
- Onstar - Connect remotely to services to help you if and when in an emergency situation. 
- Human Brain - lol kidding, you have google on your phone, and the Volt has Apple Carplay and Android Auto for compatible phones. 

For me though, if I'm going to get wet, I'm not just dipping my toes in, I'm jumping all in. If I'm going to drive an electric vehicle, I'm not going to half-ass it; I'm going all electric.  

It's a personal decision, and I'll adjust my lifestyle accordingly to make it happen. Just like living on your own for the first time, or starting a new job, or getting a dog for the first time, these are all lifestyle changes. But you do it, and you learn so much along the way, and you realize thousands of others have done it successfully before you and some even had fun along the way. It's the same with getting an electric vehicle. It's a new way of thinking about your car, and it's time we all shifted our thinking to EVs. 

Regardless of which electric vehicle you are looking to drive, a great website to refer to is PlugnDrive (  and specifically this list of benefits of driving an EV; 

To get more information on the Chevrolet Volt, visit or visit John McNamara and EV expert Lisa Schueler at Bennett GM in Cambridge. 

Believe in the Bolt!

Believe in the Bolt!

Kidnapped in the Audi A5 Sportback

Kidnapped in the Audi A5 Sportback