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The Art of Sales Conference 2017 Part 2: Ron Tite

Ron Tite - The creative guy
Co-author of Everyone's an Artist, CEO of The Tite Group and Creativity Expert. 

In sales, its easy to talk about the numbers, the quotas, targets, margins, profits, and commissions. That's the black and white on the paper. So how does creativity fit in with the black and white and in the sales process? Well, believe it or not, being creative is a big part of what makes or breaks a good salesperson. 

Constantly reinvent yourself. 
    Tite started his talk with;  "The most successful people in any industry are pros at reinventing themselves." Think of the successful people you know in any industry and you will see that they are not afraid of change. Google defines "change" as " Make or become different." Think about that for a sec. To evolve with the changing times, we must make or become different ourselves. Tite used Barbie as a fitting example of how after over six decades on the shelves, in 2009 the sales were dropping drastically, and Mattel needed a change. So in early 2016, Mattel (finally) launched their new line of Barbies with varied body shapes, skin tone, eye color and hair types.
"If Barbie can change; then you can change" - my favorite line from Tites' talk. 
Marketing writes:  "The diverse line of dolls and associated campaign earned 5.6 million media impressions and over 5,000 news hits, helping the brand reclaim some of the relevance it had lost. Even better, the socially-conscious changes re-engaged mothers who had abandoned the brand.
If you want your audiences' attention and wallet, then you must have their time. To do that you need to be creative with your process, and content so that you can cut through the clutter and stand out. How do you do you do that in car sales? You change your process to stand out from the guy at the dealership next door. You send a video voicemail rather than an email. You handwrite a thank you card and mail it to their home. You remember to call on their birthday. You create a fan page for yourself on Facebook and showcase testimonials and pictures of customer's driving off in their new vehicle. You go the extra mile. 

Listen to your inner artist. 
    For as long as I can remember, I've been writing. Writing about this and that, writing poems, prose and short stories. I always had a certain way of writing. I wrote, how I thought in my head. Sometimes funny, other times very dramatic, and perhaps it sounded different on paper, but that's how I wrote. I do remember teachers telling me; "that's not the right way" to say it, and so over time, I wrote like everyone else, and I stopped trying to develop my voice. Tite reminded us that day about wearing our superhero cape when we were younger and not being afraid of what other people thought. Along the way, someone came along and said; "That's not how you do it" and so we stopped trying new things. It doesn't have to be like that anymore. In sales, you can and should reach out to your inner passions and use that to differentiate yourself - "Your stories are more important than your data." Think about that and use your personal story in your sales process. "Sell with your soul. Don't sell your soul." 

Be a rockstar! 
    Would you rather pay $100 and listen to your favorite artist live in concert or pay $20 and buy the album online and listen to it in your car? LIVE obvi! If I have the option to see Justin Timberlake live in front of me, then YES, I want that. Why do you ask? Because he's hot and he knows how to put on a show, duh! Face to face, live interactions are making a comeback. People are getting tired of communicating through their phones. Wow! Who would have thought? Sitting across the table from someone and making eye contact, smiling with your face and not emojis is going to be cool again. This is a big one for you in sales. This is your time to rock the stage! As salespeople, we love to perform and shine. Every presentation, every walkthrough, every payment offer, that's your cue to put on a show and rock your customers' socks off.   

The revolution will not be televised. 
    Unlike everything we may have learned in school and at our corporate jobs, Tite talked about being anti-establishment. Notice that the establishment tries to be perfect and fully scripted. Notice it, ignore it, and break free of it. The rebels that will be comfortable showing their personalities, however imperfect and real, will be the ones who win. 

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