A 10-step guide to owning an Electric Vehicle in Canada 

If you are considering an electric vehicle as your next car, then you likely have a series of questions that you may not know how to approach. Researching online is a great start, but you may also have concerns that are specific to your life. Below is a list of 10 key points that address common concerns with a different perspective. With the knowledge that I’ve accumulated working in the automotive industry for the past ten years, and as an EV owner myself, I hope that this list can help you tackle your personal reservations about EVs with more confidence. To guide you through this list, you may want to familiarize yourself with some related terminology by reading a previous blog post called; EV 101. The advice that I share here is what I share with my friends and family when they ask me about buying a car. You are all my friends, and if I’m repeating myself, it’s only because I love you and this how I speak to my friends and family.